A boy's day is less than 24 hours.

A boy's day is less than 24 hours.
"can you give me the time?"

I thought of this sentence last Wednesday night.

it was almost 09:30. He got off work and took the subway for more than an hour to get to my place. He slammed the door open, his neckline was wet and his face glowed with oil.

before he could put down his satchel and change into slippers, he walked quickly to my bed and covered my forehead with the palm of his hand.

"Why do you have a fever?"

then he boiled water, looked for medicine, sandwiched it under my armpit with a thermometer, went to the toilet and wet it with a towel and covered it over my head.

then I fell asleep. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he was still awake, carefully wiping my back with a dry towel and a change of clothes.

but luckily it was a low fever and I recovered the next day.

but he fell down: because he didn't sleep well all night, he had such a headache that he felt dizzy when he moved his eyes.

after he fell asleep after taking his headache medicine, I saw his cell phone with more than a dozen messages on the table.

I know it's not good to peek at my boyfriend's cell phone, but I still read it.

unread messages come from several people--

[team leader Oliver]: the data this week is not so good. When will your reflection be given to me?

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[personnel kiki]: you have to apply for leave one day in advance. You can only be considered absenteeism if you ask for temporary leave now.

[Sister]: are you going home tonight? Go downstairs and get a courier for me when you get home. It's heavy.

[Mother]: your two cousins say they are going to Guangzhou on National Day. Pick them up at the South Railway Station the day after tomorrow.

[A Bin]: I'm going to be transferred to Guangxi next week. I haven't seen you for three months. Don't you pigeon me this time?

next to him, he turned over and asked, "is anyone looking for me?" I don't know if he's awake or talking in his sleep.

"Yes, but it's not urgent. Go to bed first and watch it tomorrow."

probably tangled, his eyebrows frowned for a few seconds before he stretched out and rolled over and wrapped himself in the quilt.

until I heard his uniform breathing, I suddenly felt:

do boys put "themselves" first only when they are sick?

get up at 09:30 in the morning and go to work. If you don't work overtime, his employee status will last until 8 p.m.

then, suppressing hunger, he rode his bike for 15 minutes, went back to the house where he lived with his sister in Tianhe, and helped him pick up some couriers downstairs.

it's already nine o'clock after dinner. after washing the dishes, he helps mop the floor, and then puts the clothes away and folds them.

after being temporarily separated from the status of "brother", he has to reply to my message and accompany me as a "boyfriend" until 12:00.

but these "identity" changes are not one by one, they sometimes exist at the same time.

that is, things are not queued up. They often stand in front of him together and ask him:

sometimes, I feel that the men around me are very much alike.

just like the last time we planned to have dinner and everyone was ready to leave after work, male colleague Shang Hui suddenly said that he would be late because his girlfriend forgot her keys, so she had to go home first.

in fact, Shang Hui could have asked his girlfriend to take a taxi to eat with him, but because "his girlfriend was a little scared and worried that she would be uncomfortable," he chose to make himself a little tired.

I always thought that Dad's tiredness was based on the nature of his work.

but he lay in bed, worrying about whether the unit would be understaffed and whether his own rest would delay others.