After getting married, a boy will become a different person.

After getting married, a boy will become a different person.
For the better.

I don't know if it is the reason why everyone is "from 26 to 30", or because his friend Ah Hao's daughter has just had a "100-day banquet".


he and his girlfriend have been discussing the matter of "getting married" for two months, and there have been several big quarrels.

it's just that the bride price in the Pearl River Delta region in Zhaoqing and Foshan is about 20, 000 to 50, 000, excluding rich and wealthy families. Jiajie's parents are very sincere and are willing to give 68800. Even so, there is still a shortfall of 20,000.

I'm a little surprised: "what are you waiting for?"

Jiajie likes to eat tangyuan very much, but at this time, he can't guess whether the sesame stuffing coming out of it will burn his tongue. For him, the bride price is just one of the things to get married, a microcosm of the future life of two people.

the bride price, banquet, customs of both parties, the integration of the two families after marriage, the increase in identity-the husband of the wife, the father of the children.

"A married man who gives time, money and energy and has no freedom."

We all stared at Ah Hao, a married man without freedom, as Jie said. He is 26 years old this year.

and this "what do you want" is reflected in another progress bar of his life: getting married. she got married at the end of 19 years and became a father in May this year. Including today, his daughter was born exactly four months ago.

protect your ears from water flowing in.

remember to let bb lie flat on his lap before washing his hair;

Ah Hao is used to this reaction, so it's not surprising at all.

what is "it will be the same"?

Slide into the charming collection of champagne dress mom of the groom with sleeves. There are all lengths and styles in our collection.

for example, in the last year or so, we basically have midnight snacks to meet at a sugar shop or a milk tea shop.

A Hao, who could not tell the difference between cabbage heart and kale before, became a master cook.

We each have a conversation.

Ah Hao shrugged and replied: "she's done a lot, too." Husband and wife accounts are hard to figure out. "

"I'm going to get married at the end of the year with my boyfriend, but after getting married, I'm afraid I'll become a different person."

"I'm afraid that I'm the only one who has been giving."

I didn't expect that the same question was said in the mouth of Jiajie and this female reader.

the female reader then said: " if we all work together to pay for this relationship and face it, it will certainly not be frightening. But what if you only have to pay and switch to that mode? "

it wasn't until I saw this on the screen that I realized that people are animals in desperate need of sense of security.

Boys calculate the value of the house and car, while girls calculate the cost of childbirth and career development. But often when we talk about this, things will start to debate such grand topics as "who pays more" or "equality between men and women".

even if it may not solve practical problems, it can at least bring "reasonable" sense of security to both parties-if the relationship doesn't go to the end, at least we have the same loss.

and if we don't see the emergence of the "absolute balance", we will be scared and guess how "no self" we are in the relationship.

at this point, I think of what Ah Hao said the other day, "husband and wife account, it's hard to figure it out."

the two seem to have reached a tacit understanding:

of course we know that what we do for each other may not be of equal value.

to give, there is no way to achieve an "absolute balance"-an average of 50% of everything, which is impossible.

u200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200d this "you" and "I" can be either wife and husband, or husband and wife, in no order. U200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200du200d


in fact, an intimate relationship can continue.

so in retrospect, the initial statement that "after marriage, a boy will become a different person" is true.

there is a saying in "shoes": half of the words "shoes" are "difficult", and there are also " good " .

it doesn't matter whether it's difficult or good.