"disorganized" mobile phone case customized.

"disorganized" mobile phone case customized.

what you have said cannot be a pigeon, so do it: phone case customization (customized phone case model, non-pattern customization) .

1. Customized version of mobile phone case, price 29 yuan .

after adding, send mobile phone model + mobile phone shell to WeCom customer service.

the standard number of clusters for each model is 50 . For example, if 50 or more people need to customize the single model of Red Rice K30 Pro, we will begin to place orders with the factory.

for this case customization, we are trust customization , that is to say, you are not required to pay in advance. When there is a mobile phone case in stock, there will be a special payment link.

5. Customize the duration.

if there are less than 50 models, they will not form a group; if there are more than 50 models, we will place an order with the manufacturer. duration is 7 working days .

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determine the customized model and quantity on September 28;

October 8-15 mobile phone case factory construction period.

Thank you.