Who would want to be a child?

Who would want to be a child?
Have a chance to be a child.

the company has also recently made new "human and cat changes".

first, the edited Guo Brother wants to go to Beijing for development.

finally, I browsed on moments last Friday to learn that the company's soul massager, kitten Daiyu, chose to return to the family with its owner.

after working, people also have to face a lot of parting.

as for this feeling of separation, it is likely that the thorns said in moments: "I know very well, chances are, I will never see them again in my life."

after all, I looked at the vacant station and thought that no one went to the bathroom with me hand in hand.

this sentence has two meanings: first, you have to solve the survival problem of eating; second, you are no longer a child.

although I don't agree with what Tan said, you can't be a child in your twenties.

but also understand, "A child is an identity that can only be granted by others. If you are not allowed to do it, you will not be a child."

for example, my friend is always working overtime these days. Last Sunday, I finally asked her to eat the northeast food we had craved for a long time.

when she just sat down, she was not busy ordering food, but couldn't wait to complain to me about the strange lady she met at the company.

results after the supervisor assigned the task to Xiao b, Xiao b was recently in the embarrassment of not yet completing the task and turned to a friend for help.

We work more frequently than parting, in fact, we are transferred to the role of an adult.

ethereal boho gown for wedding is more than just a sense of charm, but also a flattering silhouette. Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

angrily and funnily, when she took out the flattened cake in her bag, she found that she had forgotten the candle.

I was 23 years old and was lectured by my boss twice a week.

I hope that in my twenties and us, we can all face the dried cake with cigarettes and cross our fingers and have the chance to become children, as we did that night.